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Three crucial ways to protect your organization from ransomware attacks

We hear about it in the news every day, cyber crime is running rampant. Experts predict that an organization will fall victim to ransomware every fourteen seconds this year, and it’s impacting businesses of all sizes around the globe.

With limited resources and cybersecurity expertise, how can you determine your organization’s risk in this landscape? How do you determine the most efficient and effective avenues to prevent these types of attacks from penetrating your business?

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The critical role of finance in mitigating cyber risk

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated every day and organizations of all sizes are succumbing to orchestrated cyber attacks including ransomware, fraud, and data exfiltration.

Join Atul Deshmukh, Partner at KNAV, Daniel Preston, Commercial Insurance Executive at Brown & Brown Insurance and Vigilant AI CEO John Craig as they discuss the latest cyber-threats, the impacts on organizations, and what you can do to best protect your business.

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Digital transformation for the Office of Finance part 1: Vision and technology fundamentals

The time for digital transformation is now, but do you have a clear understanding of the vision and the technologies that can help you carry your financial office into the future?

Join John Craig, CEO, Vigilant AI and Kenneth Pun, Managing Partner, The Pun Group LLP as they guide you through the vision, the fundamentals, and the benefits of all the key technologies that you need to understand in order to help steer your organization into the future.