The Future of Audit Blog

Let’s explore the future of audit together. Vigilant AI was founded by senior audit quality leaders, experts in AI, and secure data warehousing specialists. This blog will explore accounting industry issues and technology trends in intelligent financial data management that will help both internal and external auditors perform their job function faster and more efficiently.

Today’s modern corporations are creating financial data at an unprecedented rate. The switch to digital data and cloud based-accounting software was rapidly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but while business continuity was ensured, the tools to manage financial data have not kept pace. Secure data warehousing and AI offer a way for auditors to get ahead of the curve, and we hope to share some of our thought leadership in this area and how it can help enhance your audit practice. 

Our contributors: John Craig, co-founder and former director of government sales at MindBridge. Peter Fong, co-founder and former managing director of audit quality at EY in Asia-Pacific. Andrew Nichols, co-founder and former president of Crocs Canada. 

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