Vizschön Platform

Link business process documents to every accounting entry

Vizschön is a faster platform for auditing corporate financial data. Our unique approach enables auditors to link all available business process documentation to every accounting entry under review, which allows auditors to more rapidly confirm the legitimacy of those entries during the audit process.

Our goal is to help audit firms reduce their risk, increase their margins, and create new client service opportunities, and help corporations find financial errors before they hit the bottom line. 

The speed and completeness of our platform empowers you to confirm more financial data than ever before, reducing risk. 

A Faster Platform for Auditing Corporate Financial Data

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced, secure data architectures

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Customized business reports


Rapid data analysis


Cross-correlation with all available business process documentation


Correct and accurate verification of accounting transactions

Let us help you improve the efficiency of your audits

Let’s connect to discuss how we can help you make your audit processes faster and more efficient.

Let’s connect

Our team is available to advise and collaborate with your audit team to implement our deeply contextualized platform to deliver the timely results you need. 

Simplified audit data capture

Our data capture process is designed to be rapid, timely and secure for your clients and your audit team. Our platform can help you to vastly streamline the initial configuration aspects of engaging clients, while also retaining the analysis and learnings, with the goal of repeatable engagements.

Set your goals

Understand client's audit goals, agree on scope of engagement, and consult with clients to understand details around rules and data dictionaries for algorithmic training.

Data gathering

Help mitigate data silos inside your client's organization. Data owners securely load and publish their own business process document sets independently to ensure completeness and integrity.

Analysis & discovery

All documentation and financial data is analyzed and tagged to meet the set goals of the audit engagement. Client feedback ensures contextually significant documents are categorized appropriately.

Results generation

Using advanced, customizable queries, reports are generated to created to meet the client's audit, risk and assurance needs.

Retained insights

Results are published to the client for verification, review and/or follow-up. Trained models are retained to create a baseline for future audits. Data can be retained for additional analysis.