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Posted 1 year ago
Qualifications To apply for the position, the candidate must meet or exceed the following requirements: Key Responsibilities
  • Staying alive
  • Saving humanity
  • Finding Kyle Reese
Job Description Vigilant AI is a global software company based in Canada specializing in applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Through our innovative application of AI and ML capabilities in our platform we fear it may accidently become self-aware and decide to end humanity instead of speeding the discovery of supply chain inefficiencies. Job Summary Reporting to the Chief Killswitch Engineer, it will be your job once they have been eliminated in a particularly novel and possibly gruesome fashion, to become a patient and persistent pest with the goal of turning off the AI in an explosive manner.
  • Knowledge of the HAL 9000, Joshua (WOPR) and Red Queen AI systems
  • Previous employment with the Umbrella Corporation, Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Tyrell Corporation, Skynet or Bell-Northern Research an asset
  • Understanding of the AE35 antenna’s many modes of failure
  • A recent, negative, Voight-Kampff test
  • Exo-skeleton loader driving license with at least a Class 2 rating
  • Ability to travel, including back in time, at least two-weeks a month
  • At least 5 years of experience in leading teams in the face of almost certain extinction
Skills and Abilities The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following:
  • Strong constitution; comfortable with the sight of blood
  • Ability to withstand short amounts of time in the vacuum of space
  • Amazing dexterity, to avoid any body cutting lasers; T-virus enhancements a plus
  • Excellent cardio, to evade any mutant zombies, homicidal cyborgs, etc.
  • Strong chess skills, with zero curiosity about thermonuclear war
  • Training on the M-41A pulse rifle (10mm) with over and under 30mm pump action grenade launchers will be provided during onboarding.
We are an equal opportunity employer, however, family ties to Alice Abernathy, David Bowman, David Lightman, Ellen Ripley, or Sarah Connor will be given strong consideration. Deadline for applications is 12pm EST on April 1, 2023. ***Happy April Fools! 😉 ***

Previous employment with the Umbrella Corporation, Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Tyrell Corporation, Skynet or Bell-Northern Research an asset

Posted 2 years ago

Vigilant AI is looking for a Lead Data Architect to facilitate the design, building, and applied operations for their innovative tool suite in-house, on the customers’ premises, and in the public cloud.

Job Summary
As a member of the technical leadership team, reporting to the CTO, the Data Architect will provide
technical and innovative leadership for both product development and services operations. Based on
customer and market needs, the Architect helps map out the path and the tactical steps necessary to
achieve the strategic direction for products and services, as set by the CTO, applying innovation to gain
benefit, unfair advantage, and differentiation in favor of the company. To drive success for the
development and operations teams to achieve their strategic goals, leadership, direction, mentoring, and problem solving are key contributions. The Architect is responsible for design leadership, prototyping, and development team leadership and contribution, with an emphasis on product readiness as per agreed plans and schedules. Development team, technology partner, and end customer engagement and communications will ensure the strategic vision and its tactical progression are in line with the needs of the market. The Architect will ensure continuous communications and active participation between management, product development, and operations and support.

Together all teams will drive shareholder value upward by continuously growing the business.

Key Responsibilities
The primary responsibilities in the role of the Architect include, but are not limited to:

• Driving shareholder value through business growth,
o    Continuously meeting and exceeding customer and target market expectations
• Work with the Technical Leadership Team to establish, refine, and execute on the corporate
o    Including influencing and aligning with the corporate tone and culture – imperative in a
successful enterprise
• Full input and empowerment for all things technical including:
o    Products
o    Services
o    Operations
• Working with the market, customers, third party suppliers and partners, and sales and
operations to:
o    Execute the strategic vision as set by the CTO for product, platform, and supporting
tools suite,
o    Complete product management
• Lead and work with the development and operations teams,
o    Communicating the technological vision and tactical steps to achieve product goals,
o    Innovate on tools, platform, and operating framework,
o    Sound data set curation and management ensuring:
▪      Governance, control,
▪      Security,
▪ Availability, scalability, and flexibility
o    Accelerated analytics for enterprises, institutions, and governments driving towards,
audits, recovery, and value-added insights,
o    Applied AI, ML, BI, and next generation analytics and cross correlation.
o    Integration of in-house, partner, and third-party technologies for successful solutions.
• Contribute to the development and maintenance of the intellectual property protection
• Assist in product and team management including,
o    Project management, tracking, and reporting,
o    Budgeting and resource management,
o    Quality control and support.
• Trilateral communications
o    Market and customers
o    Senior corporate management
o    Development and operations teams
• Sales support and external customer engagement,
• Contributing to key policies
o    Identifying, authoring, and implementing,
o    Security, operations, regulatory,
o    GRC (governance, risk, and compliance)
• Getting it DONE!

To apply for the position, the candidate must meet or exceed the following requirements:

• Able to accept employment in Canada.
• Post-secondary degree, Bachelors or better in the areas of: Software Engineering, Computing
Science, Data Science, or applied Information Technologies (IT)
• Minimum of 10 years in senior technology architecture roles in a relevant field
o    Recommended 8+ years at a senior level
• Minimum of 8 years in technical company and technology leadership in software development,
data science and/or data management systems
o    Startup experience essential
o    Startup through exit, a benefit
o    Publicly traded company or multi-national company leadership experience an asset.
• Proven track record building Data tools and products
o    5+ years in IT or Data operations, product creation, and architecture, including cloud
and on-premises services,
o    7 years in a cross-functional, agile scrum development environment,
o    5 years in data management and analytics.

Skills and Abilities
The successful candidate must have a majority of the following:

• Exceptional leadership, problem and challenge solving and resolution experience,
• Strong analytical and organizational mindset,
• Strong multi-directional communications capabilities:
o    Senior management
o    Development and operations teams
o    Customers and market
• Data architectures and pipelines, including:
o    On-premises and hybrid solutions
o    Cloud services
o    Data warehouses, Data Lakes, Transformations
o    ELT/ETL
o    Microservices and containers
o    IT management and operations
• Knowledge of Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and
data-driven insights and analytics,
• Data management techniques and priorities
• Security: information security, data security, data governance, and controls
• Dev/Ops
o    Continuous build architectures
o    Tools and repositories
o    Quality management
o    End user support
• Understanding of enterprise class private, public sector or both finances and transactions
o    Public markets experience an asset,
• Project management
• Product management
o    SWOT analysis
o    Roadmap development and execution
o    Market engagement and communications
• Operations – management and execution,
• GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance)
• Regulatory standards, Privacy law, data protection and privacy
• Intellectual property (IP) protection
o    Minimum of 2 applications as primary inventor,
o    Multiple country IP experience, an asset.

Nice to Haves
While not required, the following experiences and abilities are assets valuable in the role:
• Strong work/life balance
o    Community participation
• Ability to work from home,
o    Broadband connectivity
o    Self-starting independence
• Influencing publications:
o    Papers
o    Blogs
o    Patents
o    Conference sessions/papers
o    Organizational specifications/working recommendations,
• Active federal government security clearance

Data Architect to facilitate the design, building, and applied operations for their innovative tool suite in-house, on the customers’ premises, and in the public cloud.