Join us at Collision 2022

Vigilant AI will be at Collision Conference in Toronto! Join us June 20th to 23rd for an action packed three days, and stop by our booth to learn more about our AI-powered financial analysis solutions.

On-demand webinar:
Three crucial ways to protect your organization from ransomware attacks

We hear about it in the news every day, cyber crime is running rampant. Experts predict that an organization will fall victim to ransomware every fourteen seconds this year, and it’s impacting businesses of all sizes around the globe.

With limited resources and cybersecurity expertise, how can you determine your organization’s risk in this landscape? How do you determine the most efficient and effective avenues to prevent these types of attacks from penetrating your business?

We’re here to help

Identify financial losses faster

Add deep context to financial data

Facilitate data collection for 100% data analysis

The future of financial analysis is here

Our platform will supercharge your accountants and financial analysts

We will provide your team with the latest AI, machine learning platform to support the fastest detection of financial loss. Our team has focused in on approaches to help you accelerate your performance and provide more value to your organization without having to learn all the latest technology.

Eliminate data silos

Get all your emails, legal agreements and financial data in a single, secure data warehouse for unprecedented insights.

Fast & flexible analysis

Our iterative, context-enhanced approach to analysis allows you to review more information with greater speed and accuracy.

Simplified reporting

Supporting a mix of simple and advanced queries, build business intelligence reports to get the answers you require.

How our platform works with you

Data capture

Context for your financial data

Our platform will help your team to tag and categorize your emails, master service agreements and financial data to develop a secure and full-contextualized data warehouse for rapid analysis. 


Find problems faster

Using both traditional and the latest AI/ML approaches, your team will be able to query the data warehouse to identify all critical documents associated with any financial transaction or set of processes. 

Retained insights

Building repeatable models

Once the platform is trained to solve one problem, that model is retained for ongoing monitoring. Data is retained for the next area of investigation.

Global sUPPORT

We provide international support and can support analysis in multiple languages

SECURE Platform

Our platform is designed from the ground up to store and analyze your most valuable financial data.


Our founders include supply chain operators, international accountants and secure data warehouse engineers.