Digital transformation for the Office of Finance part 1: Vision and technology fundamentals

The time for digital transformation is now, but do you have a clear understanding of the vision and the technologies that can help you carry your financial office into the future?

Join John Craig, CEO, Vigilant AI and Kenneth Pun, Managing Partner, The Pun Group LLP as they guide you through the vision, the fundamentals, and the benefits of all the key technologies that you need to understand in order to help steer your organization into the future.

The future of financial analysis is here

Our global team of technology experts, accountants and financial analysts

Provide the latest AI, machine learning and analytics tools to support accountancy firms, CFOs and their organizations. We’re here to help you accelerate your performance and provide more value to your organization without having to learn all the latest technology.

Optimize in-house staff
and resources

Free your financial resources to focus on the most important areas of the business.

No training required

Get immediate results without the complexity of having to retrain your staff on the latest technologies.

Insights from the experts

Leverage financial professionals who will work with you to get the answers you require.

How we work with you


Discovering your most
pressing financial issues

We will help you find the financial question that is most important to your firm, helping you uncover the data to answer that question and apply the right tools to gain the insight you require to make the right financial decision.


Analyzing your data to
find the drivers

In secure fashion, our expert staff will use both traditional and the latest AI/ML tools to reveal the drivers in the data, and iterate with your team to automate the process that will allow you to continuously measure and report on your financial data.

Following through

Providing you with the responses you need

Whether it’s managed cybersecurity services during an incident, recommendations to improve internal controls after an audit, or filing cost recovery claims to your vendors on your behalf, we’re your partner that is here to support you through the entire process.

Global presence

Our network of CPAs are able to support you internationally

Managed services

Professionals with expertise in the latest financial and security tools

Proven technology

We're an alliance of advanced technology partners here to next-level your organization's performance.