How we help internal auditors

Quickly perform financial analysis with Vigilant AI™

Retailers, manufacturers and governments lose an average of 2-3% of their annual procurement budget due to supply chain loss. This is defined as anything that impacts the smooth delivery of goods and services from your suppliers to your customers. Common issues include supplier overpayments, logistical inefficiencies, and incorrect customs/tax assessments that today take 12-18 months or longer for organizations to identify and resolve.

Vigilant AI has pioneered a platform tied to an intuitive and easy to use data collection process which allows internal audit teams to ingest and analyze all available documentation and financial data involved in your operations faster than ever before. In doing so, we can help ensure that suppliers are meeting their contractual terms before it impacts your customers, and we can help improve cashflow by detecting potential losses against all available sources of documentation, including supplier email communications. 

The speed and completeness of our platform empowers you to identify errors faster and resolve them with your suppliers before it causes friction.

Realize better cashflow using our fast and secure AI platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced, secure data architectures

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Customized business reports


Rapid data analysis


Cross-correlation of legal, financial and email records


Correct and accurate verification of transactions

Let us help you improve your financial operations

Let’s connect to discuss how we can help you optimize your supply chain and improve your bottom line by analyzing all your financial data, all the time.

Let’s connect

Our team is available to advise and collaborate with your analysts and internal audit teams to implement our deeply contextualized platform to deliver the timely results and insights you require to run your corporate operations more efficiently.

Our deeply contextualized data analysis approach

Our secure data collection process is designed to rapidly and completely capture and analyze all the data you have to find operational inefficiencies

Set your goals

Set the platform to meet your specific analysis goals and configure the right rules and data dictionaries for algorithmic training.

Data gathering

Break down data silos inside your organization. Data owners securely load and publish their own data sets independently to ensure completeness and integrity.

Analysis & discovery

All documentation and financial data is analyzed and tagged to meet the set goals of the analysis. Human feedback ensures contextually significant documents are categorized appropriately.

Results generation

Using advanced, customizable queries, reports are generated to create multi-dimensional business intelligence reports that can be used for improving efficiencies or performance reviews including supplier overpayments.

Retained insights

Results are stored and published for additional analysis and review, and the training model is retained for future analysis.