A single pane of glass to analyze all your financial data

Our story

Vigilant AI™ is a financial data management platform provider, founded by an experienced group of AI experts, international accountants, and data security professionals, who came together to help audit teams increase the efficiency and completeness of their audits in order to decrease their risk.

We leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, and couple them with advanced, secure data tagging to analyze and cross-correlate all the available business process documents to every accounting entry selected for review.

This automated analysis and data correlation permits us to speed audit testing and business intelligence reviews, improving the efficiency of a wide variety of audit functions.


Current approaches to audit can no longer deal with the the amount of data being produced today. We believe in the powerful benefits AI can bring to bear on this problem when it is embedded into a secure financial data management platform. 

Our unique approach as a financial data management platform provider allows auditors to automate and accelerate time consuming financial data analysis processes, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and timeliness in reporting.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Secure data storage

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Streamlined outputs for audit review

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced, secure data architectures

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Streamlined outputs for verification


Rapid financial data analysis


Correlation of all accounting entries and business process documentation


Automated confirmation of accounting entries

Our mission

Our mission is to provide auditors and accountants with a single pane of glass to the analyze all their financial data.

Corporate business processes today generate large amounts of both structured and unstructured financial data, spanning departments and a wide variety of systems that are often not integrated together. 

Today, there is no single complete repository of auditable data inside organizations, creating risks and inefficiencies for auditors and analysts alike.

Simply put we are on a mission to disrupt the approach that both internal and external auditors use by building a single repository for the analysis and reporting on the complete set of accounting entries and business process documentation used across organizations today. 

As an AI-driven financial data management platform provider we will help firms reduce risk, increase their margins and produce more complete audit results.

Speeding audit testing

The sheer volume and complexity of business process data inside organizations can be staggering. There simply isn’t enough time for auditors to confirm all the related documents against the selected accounting entries using today's audit approaches.

It’s clear that no audit firm will ever be able to afford the time or the person-power to manually reconcile every accounting entry against all the documentation produced by their client’s business processes. As a result, the risk facing audit firms will continue to rise.

And we see the impact of this in the business headlines every day, as today’s audit approaches have reached their limit. Audit firms are also facing increased public scrutiny for their role in confirming the financial health of corporations and that is forcing auditors to start to rethink their approach to managing risk.

Our AI-driven financial data management platform allows audit firms to automate linking of all the available documentary evidence to the accounting entries under test, making critical accounting tests, such as the test of details, cut off testing and control testing faster and more efficient.