A single pane of glass to analyze all your financial data

Our story

Vigilant AI™ is a financial data analysis platform provider, founded by an experienced group of AI entrepreneurs, international accountants, and cloud data security experts, who came together to help audit teams increase the efficiency and completeness of their audits and decrease their risk.

We leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, and couple them with advanced, secure data tagging to analyze and cross-correlate all the available documentation to every accounting entry under review.

This deep analysis and data correlation permits us to speed audit testing and business intelligence reporting, which improves the efficiency of the audit process.

We founded Vigilant AI to automate, accelerate and augment time consuming audit processes, ensuring completeness, accuracy, and timeliness in reporting. Current approaches to audit can no longer deal with the the amount of data being produced today. We believe in the powerful benefits that AI can bring to helping accountants and auditors overcome the issues of data size and complexity.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Secure data storage

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Streamlined outputs for audit review

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced, secure data architectures

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Streamlined outputs for verification


Rapid data analysis


Correlation of all electronic
and written records


Correct and accurate recording of transactions

Our mission

Our mission is to provide auditors and accountants with the platform they require to speed the analysis of their financial data.

We leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, and couple them with advanced, secure data architectures to analyze and cross-correlate both structured and unstructured data.

This deep analysis and correlation of data helps to speed critical financial analysis and business intelligence, improving business outcomes for our clients.

Simply put we are on a mission to disrupt the approach that organizations use in their financial analyses, all the while building repeatable models to help organizations continue to monitor loss while continuing to explore other areas of concern or interest.

Speeding audit testing

The sheer volume and complexity of business process data inside organizations can be staggering. There simply isn’t enough time for auditors to confirm all the related documents against the selected accounting entries using today's audit approaches.

Using current approaches, it takes between 12-18 months for organizations, particularly supply chain operators, to identify loses caused by errors, overspending or inefficiencies.

This cumbersome and labor-intensive analysis approach allows millions to bleed from organizations annually, and the analysis-lag creates friction in the vendor ecosystem. It’s our goal to speed the way that cost recovery is performed by harnessing the latest AI and ML technology to solve these problems.

Our AI driven approach allows organizations to automate the analysis of all the available text and financial data to rapidly discover and verify claims, reduce friction with their stakeholders, and in turn, increase their cashflow by allowing operators to take advantage of the time value of their money recovered.