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To apply for the position, the candidate must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Key Responsibilities

  • Staying alive
  • Saving humanity
  • Finding Kyle Reese

Job Description

Vigilant AI is a global software company based in Canada specializing in applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Through our innovative application of AI and ML capabilities in our platform we fear it may accidently become self-aware and decide to end humanity instead of speeding the discovery of supply chain inefficiencies.

Job Summary

Reporting to the Chief Killswitch Engineer, it will be your job once they have been eliminated in a particularly novel and possibly gruesome fashion, to become a patient and persistent pest with the goal of turning off the AI in an explosive manner.

  • Knowledge of the HAL 9000, Joshua (WOPR) and Red Queen AI systems
  • Previous employment with the Umbrella Corporation, Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Tyrell Corporation, Skynet or Bell-Northern Research an asset
  • Understanding of the AE35 antenna’s many modes of failure
  • A recent, negative, Voight-Kampff test
  • Exo-skeleton loader driving license with at least a Class 2 rating
  • Ability to travel, including back in time, at least two-weeks a month
  • At least 5 years of experience in leading teams in the face of almost certain extinction

Skills and Abilities

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Strong constitution; comfortable with the sight of blood
  • Ability to withstand short amounts of time in the vacuum of space
  • Amazing dexterity, to avoid any body cutting lasers; T-virus enhancements a plus
  • Excellent cardio, to evade any mutant zombies, homicidal cyborgs, etc.
  • Strong chess skills, with zero curiosity about thermonuclear war
  • Training on the M-41A pulse rifle (10mm) with over and under 30mm pump action grenade launchers will be provided during onboarding.

We are an equal opportunity employer, however, family ties to Alice Abernathy, David Bowman, David Lightman, Ellen Ripley, or Sarah Connor will be given strong consideration.

Deadline for applications is 12pm EST on April 1, 2023. ***Happy April Fools! 😉 ***

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