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Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description
Vigilant AI is a global software company based in Canada and specializing in applied artificial intelligence
(AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Through innovative application of AI and ML capabilities
Vigilant AI solutions accelerate discoveries and insights for large enterprises, institutions, and
governments. Beginning with financial management including expense and claims recovery, moving from audit and recovery through to data driven business operations acceleration and optimization, Vigilant AI’s proprietary cloud-based services directly improve the organization’s bottom line.

Vigilant AI is looking for an experienced Technical Software Development and Operations, and Quality
Assurance Engineer to facilitate the test and verification of product design, building, and applied
operations for their innovative tool suite in-house, on the customers’ premises, and in the public cloud.

Job Summary
As a member of the technical team, reporting to the technical team leader, the Test and Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer will provide technical expertise and innovation for product, services, and operations test and quality assurance. Based on customer and development team needs, the QA engineer helps map out the path and execute the tactical steps necessary to achieve the quality requirements for products and services, as set by the CTO, applying innovation to gain benefit, unfair advantage, and differentiation in favor of the company. To drive success for the development and operations teams to achieve their strategic goals, innovation, direction, experience, and problem solving with high quality results are key contributions. The engineer is responsible for test planning and implementation, prototyping, development, and contribution, with an emphasis on test-driven design (TDD) and product readiness as per agreed plans and schedules. Development team, technology partner, and end customer engagement and communications will ensure the strategic vision and its tactical progression are in line with the needs of the market. The engineer will ensure continuous communications and active participation between management, product development, operations, test, and support.

Together all teams will drive shareholder value upward by continuously growing the business.

Key Responsibilities
The primary responsibilities in the role of the QA engineer include, but are not limited to:
• Driving shareholder value through business growth,
o    Continuously meeting and exceeding customer and target market expectations
• Full input and empowerment for all things quality and verification including:
o    Products
o    Services
o    Operations
• Working with the development and operations teams, customers, third party suppliers and
partners, and sales and operations to:
o    Execute the strategic vision as set by the CTO for product, platform, and supporting
tools suite,
• Lead and work with the development and operations teams,
o    Communicating the quality vision and tactical steps to achieve product quality goals,
o    Innovate on automation tools, platform, and operating framework,
o    Testing and verifying products in-house based on both proprietary work and opensource contributions,
o    Developing the infrastructure for product unit testing, system integration, automated
build, test, verification, and deployment, employing automation and orchestration
where appropriate
o    Leveraging and integrating third-party tools, services, and applications,
o    Accelerated analytics for enterprises, institutions, and governments driving towards,
audits, recovery, and value-added insights,
o    Verification of data pipelining for highly efficient data management, concurrent with
flexibility including:
▪      Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL)
▪      Extraction Loading and Transformation (ELT)
▪      Multi-directional, non-consumptive data flows, including Data Lakes, Data
Warehouses, and direct analytics,
o    Applied AI, ML, BI, and next generation analytics, and cross correlation.
o    Integration of in-house, partner, and third-party technologies for successful solutions.
• Assist in product, quality and engineering teams including,
o    Project management, tracking, and reporting,
o    Quality control and support.
• Trilateral communications
o    Market and customers
o    Corporate management
o    Development and operations teams
• Contributing to key policies
o    Identifying, authoring, and implementing,
o    Security, operations, regulatory,
o    GRC (governance, risk, and compliance)
• Getting it DONE!

To apply for the position, the candidate must meet or exceed the following requirements:
• Able to accept employment in Canada.
• Post-secondary degree, Bachelors or better in the areas of: Software Engineering, Computing
Science, Data Science, Quality Assurance or applied Information Technologies (IT)
• Minimum of 8 years in senior test, verification, and quality roles in a relevant field
o    Recommended 5+ years at an intermediate or higher skill level
o    Ideally in a Test-driven-design environment
• Minimum of 8 years in technical verification and automated test and verification technology
engineering in software development and/or data management systems
o    Startup experience essential
o    Startup through exit, a benefit
o    Publicly traded company or multi-national company leadership experience an asset.
• Proven track record building quality software tools and products
o    8 years in IT operations, product, and architecture verification, including cloud and onpremises services,
o    5 years in a cross-functional, agile scrum development environment,
o    5 years in data management and analytics.

Skills and Abilities
The successful candidate must have a majority of the following:
• Exceptional technical skills, including, problem and challenge solving and resolution experience,
• Strong analytical and organizational mindset,
• Strong multi-directional communications capabilities:
o    Management
o    Development and operations teams
o    Customers and market
• Distributed software product architectures, including:
o    On-premises and hybrid solutions
o    Cloud services
o    XaaS (infrastructure, platform, and software as a service)
o    Microservices and containers
o    IT management and operations
• Testing and verification in a Full stack and SaaS services software development
o    Open source and proprietary software development
• Dev/Ops automation and verification
o    Continuous build/Continuous deployment architectures
o    Supply chain logistics and security
o    Tools and repositories
o    Quality management
o    End user support
• Product quality management
o    Roadmap development and execution
• Operations – management and execution,
• Knowledge of Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and
data-driven insights and analytics,
• Data management techniques and priorities
• Security: information security, data security, data governance, and controls
• GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance)
• Regulatory standards, Privacy law, data protection and privacy

Nice to Haves
While not required, the following experiences and abilities are assets valuable in the role:
• Strong work/life balance
o    Community participation
• Ability to work from home,
o    Broadband connectivity
o    Self-starting independence
• Influencing publications:
o    Papers
o    Blogs
o    Patents
o    Conference sessions/papers
o    Organizational specifications/working recommendations,
• Active federal government security clearance

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