Supply chain solutions for the retail industry

Quickly avoid supply chain issues with Vigilant AI

Retailers lose an average of 2-3% profits each year due to inefficiencies in their operations caused by supply chain friction. This is defined as anything that impacts the smooth delivery of products from your suppliers to your customers. Common issues include overpayments, logistical penalties/fees, and incorrect customs/tax assessments that typically take 12-18 months or longer for organizations to identify and resolve.

Vigilant AI has pioneered a unique solution which analyzes all available documentation and financial data involved in your supply chain. We can help ensure the validity of your transactions, both enhancing the smooth delivery of your products to your customers and help recover your profits each year.

The speed and completeness of our platform empowers you to identify errors faster and resolve them with your suppliers before it causes friction.

Realize true profitability using our fast and secure AI platform

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Advanced, secure data architectures

Enterprise scaled, parallel processing

Streamlined outputs for verification


Rapid data analysis


Correlation of all electronic and written records


Correct and accurate recording of transactions

Let us help you improve your product margins

Lets connect to discuss how we can help you optimize your supply chain and improve your bottom line.  Our professional team of accountants and retailers are here to help understand and address your most pressing analytical issues.

Let’s connect

Our team is available to advise and collaborate with you to understand your most pressing supply chain analysis needs and to formulate comprehensive solutions to deliver the timely results and insights you require to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Our process

Our engagement process is designed to be unintrusive, rapid and complete in a secure environment allowing you to focus on your important tasks on hand.

Goals & guidance

Understand client goals, agree on scope of analysis, and consult with clients to understand details around rules and data dictionaries for algorithmic training.

Data gathering

Securely gather purchasing data and relevant documentation such as vendor lists, MSAs, customs documentation, relevant communication.

Analysis & discovery

All documentation is analyzed to verify every transaction and to identify recovery opportunities.

Results generation

Results are generated with key findings including confidence scores and potential recovery amounts on every discovered transaction of interest.

Verification & next steps

Results are passed back to the client or their service provider, for verification, claim package submission to vendors and follow-up.